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Posted by Christian Community Connect on 11/17/2023

Pastor Wayne Murray at Grace Assembly of God

The Church You’ve Always Wanted

Vision of our Church - Click here for videos

  • To be a house of prayer…

    Where the primary activity of the church is to love God and minister to Him through worship prayer, fasting and intercession. This is reflected in the schedule, services, calendar and emphases of the church.
    GOAL: Our primary activity is ministry to God.

  • To be a soul-winning station…

    Where there is a clear and focused attempt to reconcile men and women to God with whatever means necessary. This will result from a natural byproduct of the lives of alive and revived Christians as well as church-wide outreach campaigns.
    GOAL: 365 souls added to the church yearly as a minimum. (The Lord added to the church daily those being saved…) Acts 2:27

  • To be a disciple-making church…

    Where there is an intentional and focused attempt to assimilate new believers into the local body, helping them mature and grow up in Christ through ongoing discipleship, mentoring, small groups and formal training in the Bible for all members.
    GOAL: 100% of those saved be assimilated into the body as mature, self-feeding Christians.

  • To equip every believer for significant ministry…

    By helping each believer discover their spiritual gifts and talents God gave them, equipping them for ministry through training and mentoring. Result is the efforts of the church are multiplied.
    GOAL: 100% of active church membership in some type of ministry.

  • To be a family training center…

    Where men, women, and children learn and assimilate the dynamics of their role in each family. Men and women are taught and encouraged to become faithful spouses, effective parents, raising responsible children. This will result in stronger family units, strengthening the church, the schools and the community.
    GOAL: Each family receives adequate and specialized instruction and mentoring for success in their unique family situation.

  • To be a caring place…

    Where the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, the confused, the broken can find love, acceptance, help, guidance, growth, forgiveness, hope and encouragement.
    GOAL: The atmosphere and attitude of our services and members reflect the nature of grace and love as we are accepted by God with His grace and love.

  • To serve the community…

    Where we become a blessing to our community, schools and neighborhoods, seeking to serve them and become Jesus with “skin on”. Ministry to the poor, needy and underprivileged as well as providing services to the community within our capacity.
    GOAL: To demonstrate the love of Jesus through our acts of service, thereby gaining a powerful witness as well as a greater anointing (see Isaiah 58:6-9).

Sunday Morning

Services: 9:00am & 11:00am
Worldview Training for Students: 9:00am
Junior Bible Quiz: 9:00am
KOG (Kids of Grace) Children’s Church: 9:00am & 11:00am

Wednesday Evening

Service: 7:00pm
Adults in Sanctuary (Bible Studies and electives)
The Edge Students (grades 7-12): 7:00pm
Young Adults: 7:00pm
Boys and Girls Clubs: 7:00pm

Passionate Core Prayer

Sunday: 8:15am
Tuesday: 6:30am

Celebrate Recovery/Quitters

Fridays: 6:30pm

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