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Discipleship, Jesus's Way

Discipleship Jesus’ Way Michael F. Elmore, MD  The instruction of the wise is like a life-giving... View More

We Have a Nation Like No Other If We Can Keep it.

We Have a Nation Like No Other If We Can Keep it. By Rick Green and Patriot Academy  America truly has been... View More

Table for One Pastor Wayne Murray

                           Table for One ... View More

Randy Sevenish with Sevenish Law

A Lifetime of Service—Here is My Story… Randall Sevenish ATTORNEY/FOUNDER My entire adult life... View More

Backyard Blessings

  Backyard Blessings  strives to be the most reliable pond and water feature supply store and ... View More

Is America Worth Fighting For?

                                 ... View More

Patriot Academy

                                 ... View More

Why it Matters

Why it Matters If by now you are not one of the tens of millions of Americans wondering what in the world is going... View More

CCC's Servant Of the Year Jeff Cardwell

                          Leadership, Servanthood... View More

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