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Backyard Blessings

Backyard Blessings


Backyard Blessings strives to be the most reliable pond and water feature supply store and 

service provider in Indiana.

We are constantly growing, learning and improving the way we do business to serve you and 

our community. We have a dedicated staff to answer your questions and meet with you in 

person. WE WANT YOU! Call upon us to build, service, and maintain your next pond and water



Contractor Support

You are a contractor and your customer is ready for a new pond or water feature, and you need 

assistance. Call Backyard Blessings or visit our Indy East side location. We will help you in whatever way 

you would like us to. We can help you design, draw up plans, answer questions, visit your build site, 

deliver your products to you or load them up on your truck.



What is a water feature? A water feature is a pond, waterfall, fountain, bubbler, stream, or any 

combination of manmade features that involve water. Many people use Backyard Blessings as a 

resource to plan, build & maintain their water feature. Visit our retail location and receive the consultation 

you need for a successful water feature. We have many water features at our Indy Eastside location. 

You can also hire us to do onsite consultation. Call or email us for details. We can answer all your 

questions because ponds and water features are what we do.



Do you have a water feature design in mind? We have discovered over the years that some people have

a clear vision of what they want, and some do not. Look through our pictures, go on pond tours, and 

follow links on our website for ideas. Then, hire Backyard Blessings to design your new water feature on

paper, and then build one in your backyard. Its as easy as calling us or emailing us to say you would like 

to set up a meeting to work on your design.




Dream. Imagine. Talk. Consult. Design. Now we build! We are proud to build your new water feature. 

We know this is a big deal for you, and it is a big deal for us. We want you to get the most enjoyment from 

your new water features. This is an investment you are making not only to increase your property value,

 but to enhance the lives and well-being of your family and all those around you.



Unfortunately, everything on this side of Heaven is prone to damage, brokenness, misuse, and normal 

wear and tear. For this reason, Backyard Blessings receives lots of calls and emails requesting our 

services to repair their water feature. Common repairs include cracks, breaks, leaks, uncertainties, pump 

replace, liner replace, waterfall repair, whatever it is we can fix it or replace it. If need repair, 

CALL NOW 317-899-5459.



The reason that Backyard Blessings does so many remodels is because our customers see the value we 

have for them and care for the project we are doing for them. We work with what you want. If you don't 

know what you want, but know you want something added or done different to your pond, then tell us. We 

will talk with you about different options and ideas.



March, April & May are the busiest months for pond cleans. Pond cleans are best to do in the Spring, but 

we do them anytime. If you are going to hire Backyard Blessings to do your pond clean, or water feature 

Spring start up, CALL NOW to schedule. The earlier you call and get on the list, the sooner we can 

establish you as a satisfied customer.


Regular Maintenance

Most people do not have time to do everything. That is why many customers hire Backyard Blessings to 

do their regular maintenance. We customize the regular maintenance to suit your specific needs. 

However, most of regular maintenance customers elect once a week, every other week, or a once a 

month visit to their water feature. Prices depend on the size of pond or feature and the services you 

would like us to perform.


Customer Support

For those of you who want us to build your water feature, you can count on us to be here for continued

support. Throughout the year we have educational and hands on workshops to teach or refresh your 

understanding of pond care. For those of you wondering if you can build your own feature, YES YOU 

CAN! Call us, we are here for you. We will help you in whatever way we can. We have how to videos and 

how to literature available. Additionally, we have features and products at our retail store, visit us and 

make it happen.


We may not be able to solve all the world’s problems at Backyard Blessings, but we can help

make things better in your own backyard. When you work with us from idea to finished product, 

our commitment to you does not end there. 


We are always here for you to answer questions, we offer year-round service and maintenance,

and we offer opportunities to stay connected. Be sure to sign up for our electronic newsletter 

and remember to sign up for our pond education classes in 2009.

Marc has been a Backyard Blessings employee since 2005.


We Offer 

Fish & Algae Treatment and we deliver stone & pond supplies...ask us for details!

Plants. Fish. Stone. Pumps. Tubing. Liner. UV lights. These are common items that we deliver to your 

house or worksite. We deliver anywhere. Delivery cost is determined by items, weight & travel

distance. Custom Waterfalls, Water Gardens & Koi Ponds, Pond Design, Consultation & Repair

Maintenance & Restoration on all water features, Pond Supplies: Pumps, Filters, 

Liners & Bio-falls, Flagstone, Wall Stone, Cobblestone & River Rock, Aquatic Plants, 

Fish & Algae Treatment and we deliver stone & pond supplies...ask us for details!

Plants. Fish. Stone. Pumps. Tubing. Liner. UV lights. These are common items that we deliver to your 

house or worksite. We deliver anywhere. Delivery cost is determined by items, weight & travel distance.

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